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JMU Welcomed Guests from Princeton University, USA
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January 9th, Professor Rodney D. Priestley from Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, Princeton University, accompanied by Dr. Hou Shifeng, the director of the Institute for Bio-Nanotechnology of JMU and the other two scholars, paid a visit to our university for academic exchanges. President Bai Bo and vice president Zhao Min received the guests.
Bai Bo and Zhao Min warmly welcomed the professors and experts on behalf of the university and briefly introduced the basic situation of JMU. Bai Bo said he was delighted to invite professors from Princeton University and Dr. Hou Shifeng to come to our university for academic exchanges and seminars, and hoped this visit could make more opportunities in terms of scientific collaboration. At the meeting, Professor Priestley was appointed as a visiting professor of JMU.
After the meeting, Professor Priestley gave an academic lecture entitled “Processing and Characterization of Polymer Thin Films and Nanoparticles”. Zhao Min presided over the lecture. Professor Priestley introduced the history, geography and professional settings of Princeton University as well as his own research. The teachers and students at the lecture were keenly interested and raised a lot of questions actively.
Princeton University, located in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, is a famous private research-oriented university, one of the eight Ivy League schools. Two US presidents, many politicians, celebrities and world-famous figures such as Albert Einstein, President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama graduated from the university. 31 alumni from Princeton University have won Nobel Prize. Professor Rodney Priestley has won Wentz Prize for young professors at Princeton University, President Obama Awards, etc.


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