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The Project of Chinese-American Cooperation in Running Schools Passed the Assessment of Ministry of Education
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The cooperation in the undergraduate education project of nursing between our university and the University of Memphis, United States, has passed the assessment of Ministry of Education. Our university is approved to enroll students from 2014.
The project will be incorporated in the national higher education enrollment plan next year. Students applying for this project have to pass the national college entrance exam. The university plans to recruit 100 students per year, from 2014 to 2018, with the length of schooling for four years. Both sides shall provide teachers and other educational resources, jointly develop talent training programs and teaching plans, and cooperatively implement the curriculum, teaching management and evaluation. Students can get the undergraduate diploma and bachelor’s degree certificate after finishing four years’ study at Jining Medical University and gaining the required credits.
The project of Chinese-American cooperation in running schools will help us bring in the high-quality educational resources aboard and cultivate more talents of international level.

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