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Undergraduate Admission
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Degree Program
Bachelor degree program on Clinical Medicine(five and half years)
Enrollment Requirements
High School Graduation Certificate or equivalent;
Proficiency in Chinese;
Good character; willing to abide by Chinese law, regulations and school discipline; respect Chinese customs.
Deadline: apply in April for the fall semester; apply in October for the spring semester of next year
Materials: 1:Application Form; 2:The original copy and one photocopy of graduation certificate and transcripts; 3:A copy of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) results; 4:Two recommendation letters from the applicant’s teachers; 5: One copy of passport or other identification; 6:Health Certificate; 7:Financial Guarantee.
How to Apply
Candidates should apply online within the stipulated time to submit personal information;
Qualified applicants come to International Exchanges and Cooperation Department at the university to complete the application procedures and all the application materials should be verified by International Exchanges and Cooperation Department before the test or exemption notifications are sent before the end of May. Registration fee is $ 500.
Entrance Examination
See the test notification for the specific arrangements.
The admission list will be decided with reference to the comprehensive review of the candidate’s registration materials, test scores, and health examination results. Students who have passed the examinations will receive an official Admission Letter and visa application form.
Tuition and Fees
Tuition: 16,000 RMB/year;
Accommodation: 3,000 RMB/year.
Time of Enrollment
The admitted students should come to the university to register before the time limit as is listed on the Admission Letter. Students who cannot come on time should ask for permission ahead of time. Otherwise the admission qualification will be cancelled.
Students, who complete the training program within the stipulated period, in accordance with the national degree-granting regulations, will be awarded a undergraduate certificate and a bachelor degree. Those who fail the examinations will be issued a course-completion certificate or other proof certificates.

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